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how do phone trackers work?

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Has your phone got Spy Software on?

There is now a new type of mobile phone tracking which can potentially reveal a whole bunch of information about you and your location. Not just a phone tracker. Software which can be installed on the latest smart phones can secretly reveal calls, text messages, phone books and other activity to another user.

It may sound like something out of a Sci-Fi movie but cell phone tracking spy software can be obtained and installed on a victims phone within minutes. Ones its installed the software runs secretly relaying all your private information including mobile phone location, text messages, calls and more.


Mobile phone tracking has been around a while now but this latest threat to your privacy could cost you your job, relationship and more. Without making you too paranoid here's a quick look how it works.

First off it will only work on the latest smart phones, iPhone Blackberry etc. The phone usually has to be jail broken too, allowing more use of the phones in built features.


The software can be obtained off the internet, once installed in a phone it will transmit data to a server which can be accessed by a user login, pass etc. Once logged in your connection to that phone including private data can be seen.

This type of service works great as a cell phone tracker for mobile locate. This works especially well if the mobile phone has satellite GPS capabilities. Users can pin point and trace phones right down to their exact locations.

So next time you leave your phone laying about, be careful who could be tampering with it. Its a good rule to keep a lock on your phone at all times.

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