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Phone Tracking Basics




As a society we have all become very reliant on our mobile phones – we use it for absolutely everything. Our phones are our portal to staying in touch, getting and storing information, they are our diaries, calorie counters, calculators, notepads, Facebook hubs, email and photo sharing devices and they enable the average Joe to be in touch with the office when they are not there.

This is why when cell phones are lost, stolen or misplaced serious panic arises – we have essentially lost all the information that keeps us connected to our lives. Mobile phone tracking is a concept that is becoming more and more standard when it comes to information and data storage. And if you have had your phone stolen or lost it, there are ways to retrieve the information and track the phone if you know how.

Back Ups

If you rely on your mobile phone for work purposes and have important contact numbers, email addresses and other information on your phone it is essential to back it up on a regular basis – like every day. Blackberry Protect is an app that users can download for free from appworld that will store all of their information in a cloud and back up regularly according to the user’s settings.

In the event of the phone being lost or stolen, the user is then able to log onto the Blackberry Protect site online, use the phone tracking option to find out where their phone is, block the phone and retrieve their information by having it transferred to another device. For mobile phone users, this kind of app is something of a godsend when you are no longer able to locate your phone.

Make Contact

So if your phone has been stolen, it is not an uncommon event for the thief to then update messenger applications with their photo and continues to use your phone. Make contact with the person who has your phone and tell them who you are and that you will offer a sum of money as a reward for ‘’finding’’ their phone. Don’t get aggressive or panic – the other party will think you have some serious information stored on your phone that they are able to benefit from – like credit card details and passwords and keep the phone anyway.

Find my phone

Mobile phone tracking apps are becoming more and more prevalent with the huge increase in stolen and or misplaced phones.  When you purchase your phone, find out what apps are compatible with your phone and how effective they are – like car insurance, you never know when you are going to need it, and you will be sorry if you don’ t have it in place when you do. Phone tracking apps use built in GPS programs to locate your phone – a very handy option to have if you value your information.



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