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Phone Tracker Services

A phone tracker can be used for many reasons. There are also many phone tracking services and solutions available. There are also several types of services available. Normally we would be speaking about mobile phone tracking.

There are various misconceptions about phone trackers and how they can track and trace cell phones. The most common form of phone tracing is based on signal strength between nearby masts. This technology is used by several location based services and it attempts to trace a GSM cell phone to its nearest place. However, theres usually some error and the location is not exact.

In simple terms, the closer to the fixed location of the tower, the stronger the signal, so a nearby approximate area can be given to try and track the mobile cell phone. Some suggest in built up areas a phone could be traced at around 50 meters, however in the country where masts are spread out more it could be miles.


In more important cases, for example, the authorities could work with networks to implement a phone tracker to obtain more accurate results. This is a lot more costly and time consuming.

Apart from online mobile phone tracking services, an ever growing means to trace and track mobiles is by handsets. Phone tracker software is discreetly installed to track location of cell phones.


Handset software cell phone tracking is even better when the phone is equipped with satellite GPS. The silent software would make use of satellite to give an accurate location. The person who would be tracking the phone would use a computer with a username and login to retrieve data about positioning, calls and more. Obviously privacy laws and issues do apply with this type of software tracking system

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