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The things you should know about a phone tracker

With the wide availability of phone tracker nowadays, people are still in split decision whether to use one or not. Mobile phone tracking software is useful. However, before you are going to finally decide to have it installed in your family member’s phones or employees phones, let us know first the things we need to know about phone tracker.
Who will benefit the mobile phone tracking software?

· Parents – the software can be beneficial to track the kids’ activities.

· Business Owners – to track every employees’ activities and how they use the phone and the company time.

· Wife – to make sure hubby is telling the truth about staying late at the office all the time.

· Phone Owners – to find the phone easily if ever it will be stolen.


Is it Illegal?

Mobile phone tracking software can be installed to phones in your possessions or you have physical access to. These can be phone in your household or company phones subject for distribution to employees. Therefore, since you have access over the phone, installing the software in it is not at all an illegal act.

About getting caught
You might also wonder if you will get caught if you install the software to someone’s phone. Well, most of the time, you will not get caught installing a phone tracker. Just make sure though that your software is compatible with the mobile phone. There is various software available today. Some are even compatible with almost all smart phones. Other software are also designed to be undetectable, so if you use any of them, you will not have to worry about being caught.


Information gathered

Now that you have successfully installed the software to the target phone, your might ask what are the information you get as a result. The moment the phone tracker is installed to the mobile phone, the phone will immediately become a GPS locator. You will now have the ability to locate someone by simply logging in to the server.

In addition, you will also get a copy of the text messages sent, call logs, contact records and even photos as well as videos taken or sent and receive by the phone. Since majority of us right now have our phones with us 24/7, tracking will be easier with the mobile phone tracking software. We can eventually turn the phones into an instant spy with its ability to send reports every time and a communication activity has been made.

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