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New Kids Phone with in built Phone Tracker

Cell phone trackers that use GPS have been fitted in new kid friendly looking mobile phones as a new safety feature. The very basic lightweight transmitters use satellite GPS to secretly transmit location details which can be found by parents through a simple login using the internet. Location would be found by a map on screen.

These new kids phones are probably suitable for a younger child who is not yet ready for a real modern cell phone. There have been many issues with youngsters having mobile cell phones. Some say that a child should not own such device. However these new types of cell phones designed for kids only allow pre programmed numbers to be called and an emergency 'SOS' feature which texts 4 pre set numbers a message.

mobile phone tracking

Many parents could use these phones to basically trick their kids into thinking they were getting a cool communications device. This would result in a much safer and advanced monitoring system to trace, track and locate their child at any given time.


In addition to the phone tracker which is installed. The device also offers a way to listen to their kids by calling discretely and monitoring conversations etc without your kid knowing. This works like the traditional monitor systems used in and around the home.


The phones use GPS and GSM tracking systems to track and locate the device. If satellite GPS is not available the phone would use GSM to transmit location to their parents who would be checking online. Its a great device for any parent who is concerned about their childs safety today.


The phone tracing mobile is also lightweight and comes in appealing 'kid friendly' designs, which are robust and strong. These new kids mobile phones can be also purchased for a reasonable amount online.

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