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GPS Phone Tracking

This has to do with using satellite tracking in getting the location of anything in the world. The satellite can go round the earth twice a day. It travels as fast as 12, 000miles. These satellites weigh as much as 4000pounds and are located just above the earth. The tracking is done through the orbiting of the satellite around the earth. GPS actually means Global Positioning System.

Most people are used to GPS tracking for cars, but it is possible to use it to track anything that actually has the right device that can send a signal. Only four of these satellites can be seen. When the GPS is initiated, it sends a signal to one of these four satellites, and the satellite sends the information back.

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Time is a very important factor used in knowing the location of an object. The GPS used in tracking sends the information to the four satellites to know its location. The location on the monitor map comes on when the information is received. In 1978, the first GPS satellite was launched. There are 27 satellites in all but only 24 are actually functioning now. These satellites last for 10 years.

There could be interference while transmission is taking place and this could be caused by the ionosphere which makes the transmission slow, although this time lag has been taken into consideration when the signals are sent. Interference is that sometimes the signal does not go directly to the satellite because it is obstructed by other surfaces. At other times the interference could be as a result of an error made by the clock installed in the device. The first GPS tracking was designed by the United States military to navigate.

The way the GPS phone tracking device was designed makes it possible to give an accurate location even when there are very high buildings in the area one is trying to track. The transmission is enhanced through what is known as a wide-area augmentation system which is the newest receiver. The GPS technology is very precise because the position is now calculated by the impulses of the satellites.

Those who are car dealers have found GPS tracking to be of great benefits. This is because with it, these cars can be easily tracked when such cars are stolen. It is actually not so expensive installing these trackers into the cars. It also becomes easy to know how to get to locations that are not familiar.

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