Free cell phone tracker to trace cell phone by GPS

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Free cell phone tracker to trace cell phone by GPS

For a lot of individuals, losing a mobile phone may come across as a traumatizing experience. All those contacts, all that data and countless files amassed over time, lost in one fell swoop. It’s like losing a body part, or an annex of yourself. In many cases, this could prove a rather difficult patch to bounce back from.  But you don’t have to go through all that. Yes, be it a misplacement on your part or outright theft, you can always find your mobile device. And that’s one of the perks modern technology has in the offing.

Most mobile phones of the present era are fitted with mechanisms and features that allows for recovery in the event of a theft or misplacement. If you need to find out how to track a phone, look no further! Whether you simply need to find out about the whereabouts of your lost phone or you just want to keep tabs on the goings and comings of some crooked individual, we’ve got you covered. While it’ll be way easier for all of us if the phone whose location you’re trying to ascertain is a smartphone, don’t be dismayed as we can do just as good a job on that first-gen Nokia 3310. What will now follow is a description of different applications and packages that can help pin-point the location of different mobile phones.

Tracking Your Mobile Phone Before it gets missing

You are very likely to lose at least one mobile phone in your lifetime (perhaps due to no fault of yours). And though it’s not a given, this is how to prepare for the near inevitable. If yours is a smartphone, you’re spoilt for choice. You can keep track of your smartphone’s location by using several applications. Apple’s Find My iPhone, Google’s Find My Device and Samsung’s Find My Mobile are popular phone-tracking apps. Prey, Lookout, Avast Antivirus & Security and Cerberus Antitheft are others you might want to check out if you’re looking to expand your choices. These applications boast features such as combined security, tracking and antivirus/malware protection, ability to record your phones last location right before the battery dies, a chance to back up contact data before sanctioning a remote erase, stealth photo capture and email of the photo of the would-be thief, simultaneous usage for multiple devices, alarm sounding even if the phone is in silent mode, remote automatic phone lock, location history and a host of other features that will ensure the recovery of your device and/or capture of the culprit.

GPS tracking services are recommended for non-smartphones.  AccuTracking uses GPS to track the location of your phone and since most modern cell phones are GPS-enabled, it works across a wide range of feature phones. To locate your mobile phone, all you need to do is log into AccuTracking Web interface from any internet-enabled computer and the location of your phone will be ascertained so long as your phone isn’t dead.

Tracking Your Mobile Phone After it gets Missing

Android users can use Find My Device. It is a Google service that links your Google account and can locate any device associated with it. iPhone users can use Find My iPhone. It has been an iOS feature that works with iCloud since version 5. It can be accessed through any browser or another iOS device and the location of your phone will show on a map, along with where it’s been to. Other advantages of these features include: locking your device, resetting your PIN remotely and erasing stored data.

Non-smartphone users may be out of luck on this one. You may be out of options if you didn’t register your phone with AccuTracking or a similar service beforehand. Your last resort may be to call your service provider and hope they can help using the GPS tracking option if you’re using a GPS-enabled device whose GPS chip can be activated. In any case, your phone’s location will be demystified and unraveled.