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Cell Phone GPS Tracker App Locates Mans Stolen Cell Phone

A free cell phone tracker app recently helped a man called Ben Anderson track and locate his cell phone. After leaving his phone at a movie theater Ben was so eager to trace his phone that he turned on his PC and started tracking his phone with a free app he installed called "Wheres My Droid?".

gps phone tracker applications work by a simple installation on a phone. With modern smart phones including iPhone, Samsung, Blackberries etc its easy for a phone tracking app to work by taking advantage of its GPS capabilities. Once the software is installed you can usually locate it by logging into any connected PC Via password.

Obviously, the person who took Ben's phone did not realize that every move he made with this stolen phone could be traced exactly.


Eventually, Ben took to the streets with a wireless card and began to follow the suspect with the phone tracker system, apparently it was no easy task and the person who took the phone was constantly on the move. The idea was to locate the suspect and phone when he eventually stopped.

After a while, Ben and the Police were able to home in on the phone and trace a car. For the guy who took the phone it was not good news, as well as being arrested, he also got done for drink driving. Anderson got his phone back eventually.


So really, here is a lesson worth learning. Before you pick up and take a cell phone, you never know who might be tracking you. With modern easily obtainable apps, you may be getting secretly monitored.

Most tracking applications can relay other information like text messages etc too!