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Phone trackers have become more popular with today's technology. There are various types of tracking devices and technology which allows location etc to be traced. Businesses and individual persons use cell phone tracking for many different reasons. Increased use of smart phones has made tracking even more easier, as many of these phones have in built technology to cater.

There are several ways to track phones. The three most common are GPS satellite, mobile phone 'Mast' tracking and software which is installed upon a specific phone to relay information back.

-GPS satellite uses satellite to pin point location. With increased devices today this is becoming a more commonly used method.

-Phone location can also be determined by cell phone masts. Location is found out by the strength of signal to one of the nearest GSM cell mast. This method of tracing phones is much better in built up areas.

-Cell Phone software and App's. Certain applications can be installed to run 'secretly to trace location and send sensitive information back to a computer via login. Many call this type of tracking - Spy Applications.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding mobile cell phone tracking. Not many people feel comfortable at the thought of being traced secretly. With increased technology emerging, this can only get worse.

Many call it an invasion of privacy and there are often complaints in the news about how cell phone tracking should be used.

There are often many court cases being fought surrounding cell phone tracking. Authorities such as the police have access to a wide range of advanced technology.

Its not all bad though, cell phone tracking has helped tens of thousands of people. Parents are often able to trace kids. People are able to find others and a lot of businesses swear by these services on a daily basis.

Like most things in life, there's always a negative and positive. It seems mobile phone tracking has its up's and downs.

Here there are many articles regarding all the latest phone tracking technology available.

mSpy is a tracking application which secretly monitors, location, messages, photos and more. Read more about it here