Wife Catches Cheating Husband Using Smartphone Spy Tracking Technology
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Wife Catches Cheating Husband Using Smartphone Spy Tracking Technology

Written by Sally Anne Myers - TEXAS USA

It was so hurtful at first. I set up Mspy to do silent record location so I could see whether my husband's excuses for being away from home so much added up to the truth. Unfortunately, I found out that he was lying and cheating on me. He probably would have never told me, never admitted that his affections had been alienated by someone else. He acted like he was sitting on top of the world as he courted someone younger, someone just a few miles away from where we made our family home with our boys, Trevor and Gavin.

By placing this undetectable tracker on his cellphone, I was able to find out his exact location, which was a mere three miles from where we lived. I became so distraught at first, and then I realized that I wanted the whole truth. I was able to see his keystrokes, when he emailed, sent texts and Skyped with others. I was armed to the teeth when I filed for the divorce. They served the divorce papers and then he had to move out of the house. He couldn't even protest, because I confronted him with what I knew.

“What woman,” he asked at first, feigning innocence. “The one at XXXX Skylark Avenue, near that Mr. Gattis,” I told him. Busted! He didn't know how I knew all that I did, and a part of me wished I didn't. But it was too late for that. The cat was out of the bag, so to speak. I started healing and pressing forward as soon as he moved out.

During the court proceedings, he was as docile as a lamb. He agreed to alimony and generous child support. I think his situation with the lady on Skylark fizzled out, and I have no idea how he supports himself on what's left.

Because of his cheating, I get the lion's share of his paycheck every month. So, whose sitting on top of the world now?

Mspy is a sophisticated piece of technology which lets users plant a silent ly running piece of software on the target phone. After that location, text messages, calls, pictures and more can be retrieved via login, anywhere in the world.



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