Using Mobile Phone Tracking To Look After Elderly
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Using Mobile Phone Tracking To Look After Elderly

We are all becoming more aware of phone tracking services, they work in many different ways and provide a decent grounds for safety today. Although cell phone trackers have come under fire recently, mainly for privacy issues, they can be a vital safety tool.

One instance, using a phone tracker on an elderly person. Especially someone with mental health problems. Elderly dementia sufferers often 'go missing', walk out of their homes and become forgetful. How many times have you heard of a patient escaping out of the local elderly home.

With a phone tracking app installed one their phone, that person could be located to the last meter or so. The only down side to this, is that person would need to have their phone with them at that time, fully charged with GPS enabled. Not always a great situation for an elderly person., especially if they are suffering from mental health.

The only sure way would be to somehow tag the person with some kind of GPS tracker which could be picked up by another mobile phone and pin point that person on a map remotely. Once again, not exactly ideal.

So whilst it might not always be ideal, there is still quite a few uses of such a mobile phone tracker and an elderly person. In cases of non mental health, the elderly person may cling on to their phone religiously, like a safety measure. Some may only feel safe when they have one present.

Many elderly people actually agree to being tracked, and have a system set in place where they let a younger relative use a phone tracking app on them. This way it ensures the whole family is safe. With the various muggings, kidnappings, who knows? 

Another scenario could be that elderly person becomes unwell, perhaps they fall, cant walk. Knowing their exact location through the position of their phone with GPS phone tracking would be a great thing. 

Some trackers allow people to reveal further information, for example they could tell if that elderly person is receiving unwanted calls or texts. This could be to scam that person out of money, but there are many other cases. Steps by the relatives could then be made.



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