Thief Caught With Stolen Phone by Using Phone Tracking App
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Thief Caught With Stolen Phone by Using Phone Tracking App

An Irish trucker caught a thief red handed when he tracked down his mobile phone after it was stolen from his truck- The story becomes more bizarre when the thief brought attention to himself when the phone played noises of cow's mooing and ducks quacking.

The thief was tracked down on a bus. The whole pursuit came about when a bus broke down, the opportunist thief saw a parked truck and quickly stole the phone. The thief, who was called Justin McCabe then boarded a second bus who came to rescue them from the other bus being broken down.

Luckily for the truck driver, he had a mobile phone tracking app installed on his phone. He quickly logged into his app from an associates phone and was able to locate the bus by map travelling towards Derry in Ireland.

With some mobile phone tracking apps you can take control of a target phone. In this case its thought that the trucker activated an alarm type feature which played quacking and duck noises. This would mean that the thief would be instantly recognisable if such sounds were coming from his seat on the bus.

The truck driver soon caught up with the bus and managed to pull in front and alert the bus driver to stop. With a help off his friend he then boarded the bus and was able to locate the McCabe (the thief) and keep hold of him until police came.

Now this has finally lead to the thief's prosecution, and finally jail. As McCabe had over 160 criminal prosecutions to his name. His Solicitor said that he would never forget this case, as it was so bizarre



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