Stories of When Phone Tracking Went Horribly Wrong
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Stories of When Phone Tracking Went Horribly Wrong 



Using mobile phone tracking is not a bad thing in itself. If the person does not know that they are being tracked then it is an invasion of their privacy. But there are some good uses, such as for tracking a staff member’s location during working hours, or for tracking the location of your child. They are good for tracking people with Alzheimer’s, or even for helping the people at 911 to track you if you are in trouble. 

The technology is actually quite basic when you compare it to other telecommunications processes and technique. This may be one of the reasons why so many apps now have a phone tracking function. The popularity of tracking and spying technology is at a height, since you can now pay for a service to attach secret software to your partners phone, so that you can hear his/her conversations, read his/her texts or see where he/she is. Here are a few stories of how this technology has caused more problems than it was worth. For legal reasons we cannot give away the real names/ages/addresses of the people in the stories without their permission.

When he thought she was leaving him

Danny had a tumultuous relationship with his partner Jenny. After one too many arguments, they agreed to have tracking software installed on each other’s Android phones. The arguments slowed, although after Jenny was sick of being accused of leaving her phone at home, she hopped on a train, put her phone on silent, and duck taped it under her chair before getting off at the next stop. The train was headed for Boston, over 80 miles away. Danny followed it in his car...all the way there!  


When she was accused of being a pervert

Unauthorized and/or overlooked brothels are not a big problem in America, but they are hidden away in hushed up little corners. One such area was attended by Rebecca as she searched frantically for husband, since her app software gave a radius location of 1-2 miles. She searched a few "premises" and had a few heated debates with the reception staff, until the raised voices were overheard by someone who recognized the angry tone.  Rebecca was tapped on the shoulder and asked what was her husband’s sister, who was secretly working there. She borrowed her brother’s phone because she had left hers at "work".

When he thought she was an alcoholic

There are a few good wineries around America, where classic and time-tested wines are fermented to perfection. Gene had let her husband go on a work trip, only to find that he spent three days at a winery, with no phone calls, until the phone went dead. Furious at her inconsiderate husband for not calling and spending all his time in a winery, her face was a Chianti red when he came home and told her he lost his phone during a day trip with his clients to a winery. More amusing to him was the fact that she tried to call him to find out where the cases were so that she could pack his things to kick him out, even though he had the cases for his trip.

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