Spying on phones and tracking them is possible
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Spying on phones and tracking them is possible



There are a wide number of spying and tracking services you can find online these days. You may have to install apps on the phone or sign up for services. You may install spying and tracking software on your own phone, or on the phone of someone else. However, the process is sometimes illegal, so you may have the check the laws of your country before trying to install this software on the phone of someone else. Here is a list of the many things you may do with phone spying and tracking software and services.

Spy on phone call logs Listen to phone calls as they happen Record phone calls See the call incoming and outgoing history Spy on SMS messages See what SMS messages have been sent and received See what SMS messages have been deleted Redirect SMS messages Track the GPS location of the phone See a log of GPS locations Track their most common travel routes See sent and received emails See their current email inbox See their instant message conversations View their multimedia files Monitor that Internet activity See their bookmarks See their address book

The abilities listed above are mostly very intrusive, and some of them are against the law. Even though the law is pretty sketchy about if you may purchase the apps and software to partake of the tasks above. The list below shows a number of things you may do that are even more intrusive to the point of even taking control of the phone remotely. Most of these are legal if you install them on your own phone. They are used as anti-theft measures in many cases, but may be used for more devious activities.

Listen to the phones surroundings Record the noises surrounding the phone See any notifications and alerts Get alerts when the SIM is changed Receive alerts if the user uses specific words or numbers Take full control of the phone remotely Gain access to the Smartphone control panel Lock the phone View any installed apps Wipe the memory of the phone Wipe sensitive and specific information from the phone in case it is just lost

As you can see, many of the apps for spying and tracking may be used for nefarious means as much as for honest means. For example, you may wish to spy on phone calls to see who has stolen your phone, and may like a track the location of the phone for the very same reason. Or, you could use the software on your spouse’s phone to check their phone calls and whereabouts. Or, you may wish to see where your children are going at night and who they are talking to.




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