Spy Software Lets You Track Partners Movements, Messages, Listen to Calls and Even Lock Phone
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Spy Software Lets You Track Partners Movements, Messages, Listen to Calls and Even Lock Phone

Flexispy is a new piece of software that lets users spy and track their partners secretly and 100% discrete. Working on Apple, iPhone, Blackberry and Android , Flexispy lets users listen in on conversations, read messages and find exact location. The premium service even has the capability to locate the target phone. You can even hear surrounding noises and conversations of the phone (including conversations in the room where the phone is)

National UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, recently published a story about the use of the spy app and how people are using them.

The service lets the person who is spying monitor all movements from a web browser. Access can be granted anywhere in the world, with an internet connection. Information about the target phone is updated instantly.

If you are paranoid about big brother watching you, then Flexispy is taking things to the next level. Over 1 million purchases of this service, has lead to countless cheaters being exposed. Their secret lies, behaviour and movements can all be revealed when Flexispy reports nearly all activity of their phone.

Example of the dashboard (what the person spying see's)

Flexispy says that their software was developed for parents to track their children, businesses to monitor employees and partners to keep a track of their partners discreetly. 

There are different plans for Flexispy, basic and premium. The cost of the system varies and what features you get. The service works in any country worldwide.

The more expensive 'Premium' version gives further permissions to the target phone. It can let users take more control over the phone and even access and change passwords.

Compare all Flexispy Features HERE.

For users wanting to use Flexispy, they must have access to the phone in which they install a small piece of undetectable software. This runs silently and doesn't appear anywhere in the phones system. Flexispy say its totally undetectable.

  • Intercept and listen to live phone calls
  • Instant location Revealed on map
  • Open the microphone and listen to the iPhone’s surroundings
  • View all Pictures, Video and Audio stored on the iPhone
  • Spy on instant messages such as Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, iMessage, BBM etc
  • Remotely control the iPhone’s camera to take pictures
  • View web history, bookmarks and app usage
  • Spy on the iPhone’s address books, notes and calendars
  • Receive alerts when keywords appear in messages
  • Receive alerts when the iPhone enters prohibited areas
  • Read screen lock passcode and passwords
  • Over 150 iPhone tracker spy features



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