Spy Phone App Lets You Become Private Detective
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Spy Phone App Lets You Become Private Detective

Latest spy phone apps have been in the news for various reasons. Some good and so not so, but how do they work and what can you find out by using them?

Spy apps usually track location, retrieve messages and to some degree reveal other phones data. They need to be installed on the target phone in order to work. Once installed, data can be retrieved privately by accessing a spy phone dashboard on any PC in the world. This would be a password protected private connection, the user of the phone would not know anything.

There are a range of such apps available. Some more tamer than others in features. It. With privacy and legal issues surrounding them it seems the developers of some have held back on certain features, however ones like Flexispy seem to have many more features which really does turn the equipment into a private detective piece of kit.

For example, Flexispy can track location etc but can also listen in on calls, crack the phones password, spy on all email and messaging accounts and just about do anything! In fact it can even turn the phone into a bugging device transmitting noises around the room, by unlocking the microphone. All of this happens without the owner of the phone even knowing.

Even though these tracking spy apps have come under fire recently, they are still totally legal to buy. Some sites do explain that in proper use could be illegal but this wont stop anyone using them in such ways.

Phone tracking and spy apps do have many positive uses though. They can help parents keep their children safe. Business owners also use them in order to keep track of their workers, and also to monitor how a company phone might be being used. 

Flexispy is a premium service which charges for various features, from basic to advanced. Users can then log into a dashboard to see all the target phones data. The spy app works on all modern smart phones.

Example of the dashboard (what the person spying see's)



Free cell phone tracking at: www.planetcreation.co.uk/sat-gps