Spy Phone App Catches Cheating Partners by Finding Location and Transmits Messages Secretly
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Spy Phone App Catches Cheating Partners by Finding Location and Transmits Messages Secretly

Available on all Smartphones, new software has hit the market which secretly reveals nearly all data being used on a mobile phone.

Available on iPhones, Samungs, Blackberry and OS operating systems Mspy is a new ground-breaking piece of software which can land any suspicious boyfriend or girlfriend the truth.

When Mspy was developed, the idea was to market it towards parents and business owners. Parents would monitor their children and business owners monitor their employee's.

Once released, it didn't take long for the product to be marketed towards the use in relationships.

The controversial monitoring software has caused a stir in some cases. People consider it an invasion on privacy. However, others consider it a useful tool, which promotes safety and well being.

For Myspy to work you need to have access to the 'target' mobile phone for at least 5 minutes. Once the user has installed a small piece of software (which is totally untraceable) The phone is then active in sending all information for the person who planted Mspy to any browsr VIA a password login. Only the person who planted Mspy will be able to view their target phone, with a unique password.

Users of Myspy can access text messages, call data, web browsing, app use, photos and location from a computer anywhere in the world!

There are other uses for the software too, It has been reported that some people have used it on the elderly to keep track of their movements. Its also ideal for businesses who provide a mobile phone.

Mspy has a few different plans, users can sign up to a basic or premier option. Premium membership holds more advanced monitoring features. The plan also reflects on the price. Users can also choose from 1-12 months use of the application. This also reflects on the price too. You can compare the different plans here. There's even a version available to monitor PC activity.



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