Snapchat Introduces Mobile Phone Tracking Location on Map Feature

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Snapchat Introduces Mobile Phone Tracking Location on Map Feature

Snapchat's latest update has seen a location feature that displays all your friends Snapchat's locations on a map. The feature accurately displays any of your Snap friends location instantly, in addition, it shows your own location too.

So basically, if you are none of your friends on Snapchat have disabled location sharing, or activated 'Ghost Mode' anyone can see your exact location at any time.

The new feature has caused an uproar with some people, and warnings have been sent to parents to check that their children are not revealing their locations to potential strangers.

It has also risen concerns of stalking behavior. Like most features though it's easily turned off by switching settings to 'Ghost Mode' or turning your phone's location settings off.

On the plus side, it's another interesting feature for Snapchat, allowing people to be constantly nosey about their friends locations. Some people may find it a good thing, leaving on their location whilst they are in interesting places for others to see.

Snapchat have introduced a new form of mobile phone tracking and as usual got many people talking about it. Far from the days when they were just a photo sharing phone app that deleted itself after a few seconds, Snapchat have added a load more new features including news/video reporting from around the world.

Snapchat's latest addition 'SnapMap' also incorporates user locations by their avatar they have made with Bitstrips. So locations of friends map display them as their avatar design they created.