Should I track my girlfriend’s phone?
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Should I track my girlfriend’s phone


This article assumes you are a man looking to track your female partner’s phone in secret, but the principle works if you are a woman tracking a man. Be very wary as of who you track. Any man or woman may take you to court for monitoring, spying on, or tracking their phone without their permission. The reason it is done between couples is because the other partner is less likely to sue than a coworker or stranger. 

The reason it is done by parents to children is because there are few instances where a parent may be sued and lose if they monitor their child’s phone. This article assumes you are using tracking software that explains where a person is, and software that allows you to spy on conversations, emails, sms text messages, etc.

Yes, you should

If you are worried about your girlfriend working a dangerous job, then it may be okay for you to track her phone, unless she is working in the military or a similar government company. However, in this case may it not simply be better to ask her and tell her that you want to know where she is when she is working her dangerous job so that you can act if something goes wrong.

No, you shouldn’t

If you do not trust your girlfriend to the point where you need to track her phone then there are two problems. The first is you, and if you cannot trust a person to be both faithful and make mistakes then you have a problem that no amount of phone tracking will solve. Secondly, if you simply cannot trust her then you should not be in a relationship with her. It is called being in a self-destructive relationship and all you will do is make her hate you.

Yes, you should 

Let’s say you give your partner a second chance after she cheats. You believe her and want to feel secure in your relationship again. However, you do not want to be made a fool of again so you track her phone. Innocent behavior and an open and honest attitude from her may help you rebuild your trust to the point where you may tell her you tracked her phone. If you feel secure enough to tell her you tracked her phone because you do not trust her but that you trust her enough now to tell her, then maybe she can forgive you for tracking it in the first place.

No, you shouldn’t

If you are tracking your girlfriend’s phone in order to keep a check on her then you do have a psychological problem and one of the symptoms is going to be that you have a confirmation bias. You will search out information that suggests she is cheating or doing wrong, and you will look hard enough so that innocent behavior seems to make her guilty. 

What is worse is that if you ask her about something such as where she went at lunch, she may innocently say, “nowhere” or “I forgot” because the event was so meaningless to her (maybe she just bought a sandwich), but to you it will be a glaring damnation and proof of her guilt. It is better if you do not track your girlfriend’s phone unless you have her permission. 

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