Police Sued Over Stingray Cell Phone Tracking Towers
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Police Sued Over Stingray Cell Phone Tracking Towers

San Diego police department have been sued by a civil rights group. This has come about because SDPD have allegedly been using a 'stingray' phone tracking mast without revealing its use to the public. This is said to be against California law. However, the SDPD still are remaining silent over the exact use, as they suggest that Stingray phone tracking towers are a safety feature to the public.

Stingray phone towers work by pretending to be cell phone masts, this tricks mobile phones into thinking they are phone masts, then sharing information.. Phone calls, text messages, internet usage and more can then be intercepted.
The masts are said to cost around $33,000. 1 stingray could cover a whole city and eat up information on every cell phone around. 

Police have been known to filter out calls and messages to catch major criminals. 
With this technology available, its worth noting that conversations through calls and messages may not be safe anywhere in the world. Who knows where and when such systems are being used?

As well as fixed Stingray masts, similar devices have been used on small planes to gather a large are of phone data and information too.

On the other hand, its also worth taking into consideration that it would be a massive job for the authorities to monitor every persons calls, its highly unlikely that you are being spy'd on. It is worth noting that this kind of phone tracking system is available though.

While technology gets better so does the ability of the authorities to track and eavesdrop on your phone calls.



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