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Police Getting Help from Criminals Cell Phones


We have all heard about the old age phone tapping, where a recorder or other electrical device is installed in a suspects house and phone calls can be picked up and monitored. A new form of cell phone tracking and monitoring is being used now though with the increased use of Smart Phones.

Phone tracker applications and spy app's are being used on criminals cell's by the Police to catch criminals with ease. This cuts down the work needed by Police and solves more crimes, however its not greeted by everyone as a good thing.

Because smartphones like the iPhone etc are so sophisticated,. complex GPS systems which is housed inside can be used to help Police track an individual if needed. In a nutshell all this complex technology which people use and love can be reversed to form a powerful tool which the authorities can use.


There has been many reports recently about how effective a phone has been to lead the Police to criminals. Phones are tracked and suspects are caught, however some people are complaining that this is wrong because it does not require a warrant.

Another down side to modern cell phone app's to assist in phone tracking is that the same technology and methods used by the Police can often be obtained by the general public. This causing an influx of people tracking each other and 'spying'. This is seen as a breach of privacy.


Which ever way you look at it technology is progressing, however its important to understand what your favorite gadgets can really do. If in doubt its probably best to ditch your phone to become 100 percent not track able by anyone.

Even special spy applications can be bought relatively cheap. All these require is a simple silent running software app to be installed on a victims phone. After that the 'planter' can then access a ton of private info from the ease of any computer VIA internet login.

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