Phone Tracking on Company Phones a Wise Move
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Phone Tracking on Company Phones a Wise Move



As the owner of a business, you may have control over their work computers, but what about their phones? If you issue phones for your workers, then why not install tracking software without their knowledge. It has been done for years with desktop computers and emailing devices, but it s only now that employers are able to install reliable software onto phones that will monitor online activity, phone calls and SMS texts. There is a chance that you may pick up on a little bit of their home-life chatter, but if you expressly make it clear that the company phones are only to be used for business purposes, then any information they let slip to you is upon their own heads. If they only use the phone for business purposes, then business chatter is all that you will ever spy upon.

Phone tracking is not just used for spying

Company mobile phones are easily mislaid, and are easily stolen. There is phone-tracking technology that is able to find mobile phones so long as they are switched on at the time. There are even phone apps that are able to remotely wipe the memory of lost and stolen phones. This may stop any company data from falling into the hands of others. There are even apps that allow you to keep a cloud copy of the information on company mobile phones. This means that even if the employees phone is lost forever, that his or her work and contacts need not also be lost.

Phone statements do not give an accurate representation of phone use


What is worse is that phone statements are often issued monthly and will only give raw data. There are tracking apps and software that will detail usage and patterns. A higher number of phone calls or texts during one week may indicate a certain problem that is being hidden by the employee.


What is more important is that incoming calls may also be tracked. This is something that will not show up on network invoices and cellphone statements. Your employee may be being bullied by another employee from that employee’s personal phone. You employee may be receiving threatening phone calls that are being used to manipulate the employee. The employee may even be being head hunted by another company.


There is tracking technology that is even able to monitor phone calls or text messages directly. You may be able to see and hear occurrences of your employees leaking company information. You may also see examples of how the employee is using company information to make money on the side.


There is always a chance that company operations may be hindered by the misuse of a company cellphone. Having absolutely no control over the phones that you issue to your staff may not be such a wise move.



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