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Phone Tracking and Privacy Intrusion Latest


In 1949 George Orwell published a fictional book related to government surveillance and mind control of a fictitious environment in 1984. The term “Big Brother is watching you” was derived from this novel. However, in the technologically dominated world of today, perhaps we should look at how the fiction of 1949 has turned into the reality of 2012.

Mobile phones are considered by many to be their lifelines with the result they are self-trained to react at the sound of a given tone.  The mere thought of being without this life extension is abhorrent such is their perceived need of being in this communication link and ultimately within its control.

The basics of phone tracking are generally regarded as being the position of a mobile phone, whether it is in motion or in a set position. This is achieved by using Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), mobile phone “Mast” tracking systems or by software installed in the devices that relays specific information. The usage of satellite (GPS) facilities immediately opens hitherto unconsidered tracking and observation options to third parties with the available expertise.


A variety of mobile phone tracking systems is used in the USA, the UK with various observations made regarding the privacy factor. This has been heightened by concern regarding not only the advertised and known potential of phone tracking devices, but the unrevealed and hidden capabilities. This is emphasised by software, or applications able to be installed in the devices, which operate under secrecy. They have the capacity to trace user locations and access determined sensitive information for transference to a base station. In certain instances, this application is referred to as a “spy application”. 

Many mobile phone users have concerns at being exposed to mobile phone tracking and the potential for sensitive or private information being gained access to. This is exacerbated by awareness of a factor that already has for the average person, unimaginable capacity and which is improving all the time with emerging technology.


There have been many and varied complaints and court actions relating to invasion of privacy. Various civil and criminal court proceedings have been instituted in America and the UK relating to the use of mobile phone tracking usage.

Shades of 1949 appear with a relatively recent report in the Wall Street Journal indicating that the monitoring of human behavioral patterns has been conducted over a two year trial period. Reportedly scientists have discovered a method to monitor closely mobile phone users through their devices. They have been able to determine general and future behaviour and other aspects, including information related to the health of the user. 

A mobile phone is now an extension of the user, as opposed to any other device. It usually remains with a specific individual, with volumes of information regularly generated and updated. When taken into context this is a virtual source of intimate detail and reinforces the perception that is a case of being welcomed back to 1949 and the world of Big Brother; but is he looking after you?