Phone Tracking Technology - Should You be Worried?
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Phone Tracking Technology - Should You be Worried?

There are many different types of phone tracking technology and services available. They are also used for a wide variety of reasons. From location tracking for safety and security reasons to more advanced monitoring systems used by the authorities.
By carrying a turned on mobile phone with a signal you are leaving a digital trail behind you.  

Depending on the situation and how 'wanted' you are, the authorities have capabilities to track your location, messages and record conversations, if they feel there is a strong reason. Lets face it though, they won't be monitoring everyone and you would have to be doing something quite bad, which obviously you shouldn't be doing.

For the average person though, its unlikelly that you are being tracked or monitored. You may however leave a trail of locations without you knowing though. For example Facebook can pick up your location and you might end up revealing this on a status update or instant message. Therefor its worth checking your location settings. This is because all modern smartphones have GPS systems built in. Location can also be detected of Wi-fi networks if you connect to them. If you're not careful you could be leaving an approximate location behind you without you knowing.

So as far as somebody tracking you by your phone, its unlikely but not totally impossible. Only turning your phone off would make this totally impossible.
The only other way you could fall victim of mobile phone tracking is by having phone spy software installed on your phone without your knowledge- This kind of back door access can be quite dangerous.

If a user planted spy phone software on your mobile phone, this would mean location, messages, phone call log, app use and more, could be retrieved by somebody anywhere in the world. In most cases this software would run silently, without you noticing. The person who planted the software would need a little amount of time with the target phone, so its worth noting who uses or borrows your phone at all time. 

If you are totally paranoid about phone tracking and monitoring, its probably worth not sending or talking about anything too personal, and also turning your phone off, if you don't want to be tracked. In reality though, its pretty unlikely that anyone is spying or tracking you.  



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