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Will phone tracking and Spyware make or break a relationship? 


It is not uncommon for people to buy “Spyware” to install in their spouse’s mobile phone. This so-called "Spyware" (or Spyware system), allows a third party (i.e. you) to listen to conversations (remotely) of the person you want to monitor, transferring the call to a telephone "master", i.e. the phone that remotely manages the software (in other words, your phone). 

The biggest problem with this phone tracking software is getting it installed on your spouse’s phone and making sure it is hidden so that he or she cannot find the program on his/her phone. This may involve hiding the phone so that he/she goes to work without it, or simply installing the software when he/she is asleep.

This Spyware is secretly installed on the phone to be monitored, it is completely invisible, and informs you immediately via SMS when your unfaithful spouse is engaged in a conversation. At this point, with a simple call, you can join the conversation and listen to the conversations of the faithless couple in complete secrecy. It does not end there, because you will also receive a copy of all messages, both incoming and outgoing. In addition, it can be programmed remotely so you do not have to be close to your unfaithful spouse to check their messages, you can easily spy on him/her by SMS message. 


In addition to all these exciting phone-tracking features, there are mobile phone spying programs that give you the chance to spy on your cheating spouse even when the phone itself is turned off. These programs are quite sophisticated and turn the phone into a mobile audio bug. The program keeps the phone active so that it can start intercepting conversations around your spouse at your command. If your spouse is supposed to be in a meeting at 6pm, you may initialize the bug program and listen to what is being said in his proximity.

Mobile tracking technology is dangerous, and it is illegal in some states. Part of the problem is that some people are so damaged by previous relationships that they are prone to severe jealously and insecurity. This sort of tracking technology may help to reassure that person of their partner’s fidelity. On the other hand, a person who is severely insecure will see mis-deeds where only innocence exists, and tracking software will provide even more question marks that he jealous person can turn into accusations. One should also remember that secrets are part of a healthy relationship, so is trust and forgiveness for mistakes.

Phone tracking can be very good for use when checking upon a person’s fidelity, but also be aware of the devastating effect it can have on a relationship if you are caught monitoring a person’s phone. The breach of trust may be as insurmountable as if you had found your spouse cheating on you.

Phone tracking may help you see where your spouse is, and Spyware may help you find out what they say, but if it comes to the point of needing Spyware/tracking software, is your relationship really that strong?

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