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Phone Tracker Uses Funny Map & Street view Pictures to Boost Interest VIA Facebook


A phone tracker website has started to publish regular updates of funny Google map pictures from both street view and satellite pictures to help boost awareness online. Pictures showing what looks like a human man with a horses head, cars parked on the side of buildings and strange ghostly looking figures and objects have all gathered interest and comments on the phone trackers website which has over 5K fans


It seems the recent move to post regular updates of unusual pictures have gathered quite a bit of interest on the website and have encouraged new 'Likes'. You can view their fan page here:


The phone tracker gets quite a few visitors for people trying to track and locate cell phones by map, location is claimed to be placed on map VIA satellite GPS


Using funny or unusual images boosts the interest of the site and the more people like and comment increases the pages visibility virally. So more website hits are generated through Facebook etc. Its a method that many websites are adopting lately and it seems quite effective.


This method of free advertising is often called 'viral marketing'. The same thing works for videos, pictures and anything else which has a 'share factor'.


By showing Google map pictures, it relates to the actual phone tracker itself. So theres another relation between the interested audience too.