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Phone Tracker Used to Locate Missing Wife: Body Found in Car


A news report has just gone out about how a man was forced to use a phone tracking device to locate his missing wife. Earlier this week Anna Oung was reported as missing. Anna who was an engineer in the Orange County raised concerns when she failed to come back home that night.

Her husband used some kind of cell phone tracking software and device to locate her body which was found in the trunk of the car. The phone tracking device lead Anna's husband to the car which was all locked up and nobody visible inside. Her husband who has not been identified was forced to call the Police to force open the boot, only then they made the grim discovery.


The case is being treated as suspicious as there were visible marks on the body. 

This type of cell pone tracking is becoming more common these days with the use of smartphones etc. Phone trackers can be obtained easily and take advantage of the phones features. A simple data log usually sends information including location to a server or website where by it can be retrieved.

In the case of this sad story, who knew if Anna actually realized that her phone was being traced by her partner. Often mobile cell phones are modified by installing some small software which allows phones to be traced etc.


 There is no doubt though that this tracking technology has its uses. Although we do not know the exact details of this case, its more than likely that her partner was using some kind of after market cell tracking software.

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