Phone Tracker Software Ends in Man Killing Wife
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Phone Tracker Software Ends in Man Killing Wife

Phone Tracker Software Ends in Man Killing Wife

A man in the UK ended up killing his wife with a knife after installing phone tracking GPS software on her phone. Heather Arthur became the victim of her jelous partner. The couple were together 30 years but Mark, her partner got suspicious after the long term relationship.

The phone tracking software let Mark know where Heather was and probably revealed other information like phone calls, text messages etc.

Although Heather knew about the tracking software, she admitted that she wasn't comfortable about the situation.

The whole relationship seemed quite unhealthy, starting from when he proposed, he did it in a way that would put himself at risk if she said no. 

Then a few other break ups happened and he ended up managing to get Heather back by threatening to smash things or hurt himself. In the end she left him for another man. This was the final straw for mark and resulted in her death.

The question as to whether phone tracking software is healthy or not is often circulated. There are many benefits for this type of application but also many down sides. In this case the sad story of heathers death may of happened even without GPS tracking devices being used.

There are now many different types of phone tracking and spy apps on the market. Many can be downloaded free or for a small charge. These cater for many different types of phones etc.

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