Mobile phone signal jammers should be used in schools
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Mobile phone signal jammers should be used in schools



A tracked phone cannot be tracked within jammed signal areas --- You will find that a tracked phone cannot be tracked within jammed signal areas, but a jammer also renders the phone useless for making calls or sending texts and turning it off would have the same effect.

YouTube will not show you how to make a jammer

Yes, your phone is being tracked and monitored by the NSA --- So simply stop using it for naughty things and find another way if you are up to no good. There are a lot of countries where privacy is simply not something you have and America is one of them. So, either find something else to send your messages or live with the fact that everything you say and send on a phone will be tracked by someone from the government. 

Schools should use signal jammers

They should be used in class because students have plenty of sneaky ways of looking at their phone, from hiding it behind a book that is held up, to resting the phone in their pencil case or on their lap under their desk. At least with a signal jammer you may stop them sending texts and such. They should certainly be used in exams so that if a student is able to sneak a phone in then he or she may not use any sort of communication with another person such as being able to convey questions so that the other person may answer.

Won’t this ruin signal tracking in schools?

If a signal jammer is used then a parent tracking a child on their phone will not get a signal. This will mean the parent will not know if their child has gone to school. If the child knows that he or she is being tracked, then turning off the phone before leaving school is a good trick. However, if the phone goes off during school then the parent may be suitably suspicious. If there is a signal jammer in the school then the phone will appear off all the time, and the child may simply leave his or her phone off in order to wander off from school.

Won’t parents be alerted by teachers if a child leaves a school?

Kids have plenty of ways around that, with the most common one being forging a note from their parent in order to get off school or to bring in the next day to explain their absence. These sorts of tricks have been going on for years, including spelling words such as “stomach” as “stomack” if their teacher knows they have an interminably dumb parent. The tracking a signal blocking issue is complex, but on the whole it would be better to jam mobile signals in school buildings. 



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