Mobile Phones Tracking Every Movement Without Us Possibly Knowing
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Mobile Phones Tracking Every Movement Without Us Possibly Knowing



Whilst our mobiles phones become more sophisticated and clever, so do the abilities to track us. With the recent press about data being collected without us always knowing, your mobile phone could be leaking information about you in many ways. One of the obvious ones is your location at any given time. 


With people using Facebook and social networks throughout the day off their phones, location and other data is often logged. Your behavior and location could easily be tracked if needed. 


There are many ways a phone can be tracked, secret spy applications can be installed and this would give massive amounts of data back to the person who installed it. These apps can only be installed physically, however other types of phone tracking is possible if needed. 


Like it or not, the authorities can access when phone calls are made and what location approximate they are. If you have a satellite GPS enabled phone, you are leaving a trail of your exact location wherever you go. Connecting to Wi-Fi can reveal location too.  


So, if you combine the information and behavior social networks have on you, search engines and phone networks its scary to think what information can be revealed about you.  


The answer to all this would probably be not to use any mobile phone communication or computers which would reveal your location. This would be pretty hard in this day and age.



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