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Mobile Phone Tracking: Useful Tool or Invasion of Privacy?


There are many pros and cons to being able to track your mobile phone using GPS.

At first, it seems like a very harmless and useful thing to be able to do. How many times have you put your phone down or left it somewhere and not been able to remember where? Who wouldn't want to be able to find it again at the push of a button?

Well, as with most things in life, there are two sides to every story. Whereas it may seem like a good idea to begin with, there is always the worry that the technology could be misused when put in the wrong hands.

Not that long ago, being able to track a phone was the stuff of sci-fi; something that was out of the reach of the average consumer. Now, it has never been simpler with apps readily available on the market to be able to find your “friends”.

The problem is, what if you don’t want to be found by someone. There is a very fine line between using such technology recreationally and violating someone’s privacy. For example, there have been rumours that police in the US are using the technology to track mobile phones of people without their knowledge which far from being simply unnerving is bordering on a breach of people’s rights.


This could in turn hinder the law with criminals who have been tracked without their knowledge being able to allege privacy violations. Worrying if this ever happened, the criminal could claim that their rights have been breached and in turn this would leave them in prosecutable.

On the positive side of the argument, there are many practical uses for the technology when used carefully and ethically.


For example, if someone has gone missing or has had an accident somewhere, it becomes simple to find and help them if they are in trouble.

Friends can keep track of each other if they are meeting at a certain time and it becomes easy to find out their whereabouts so the old adage of “ I'm almost there” becomes redundant if you can see that they haven’t left their house yet.

Parents can track their children so that they can see they are safe and know where they are at all times which may not be great for the kids, but is good for all those worrying parents.

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