Mobile Phone Tracking Planes Used to Scan Public Phones
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Mobile Phone Tracking Planes Used to Scan Public Phones

It has been revealed that the US have used planes to scan mobile phone data. Tens of thousands of cell phones can be scanned at once, data is then sorted and unwanted data is 'let go'.

The reason for this type of tracking is supposedly to catch suspected criminals, thousands of peoples phones can be scanned at once, letting authorities filter out a wanted suspect. 

The system works by the plane mimicking a mobile phone tower, this tricks an area of cell phones into thinking it is communicating with a phone mast or tower. The equipment, also known as 'dirtboxes' then sorts out data to track and trace the wanted suspect.

Once the target phone has been identified, location and exact area of that person can be then tracked down by police on the ground. 

Light aircraft is used, the fixed wing type planes with a propeller. According to reports, drug dealers are some of the criminals who have been caught.

This type of tracking does seem rather drastic, its hard to imagine such secret work would be carried out to track individuals phones. Although sources say that data about the general public isn't being collected, its hard to imagine that such a large project would be to gather information on individual users. 



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