Mobile Phone 'Stingray' Towers Used to Track Cell Phones
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Mobile Phone 'Stingray' Towers Used to Track Cell Phones


There have been new questions and concerns asked as to the whereabouts of 'Stingray' towers. 

They have the same look and are disguised  as your normal cell phone tower but harness the power to track, collect data and even intercept phone calls.


The  American Civil Liberties Union has been trying to gain more information on this rather unknown device. Its produced by a large Florida based company called Harris Corporation.


What starts to create questions though, id the fact that they won't comment to the media about their devices, how they work or what they do.

One location which has given a few suggestions to the fact that they might be using a stingray phone tracking tower is a town called Sunrise. An invoice has emerged to the public that they have paid 65K to Harris for a stingray.

What suggests even more mass use of Stingrays is the fact that documents have been seen which show the US government as Harris's biggest customer and a profit of over 500 million dollars in each of the last five years.

This all gives a basic suggestion that there will be a large amount of these fake masks to track mobile phones, spy and listen to phone calls.



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