Mini GPS Trackers to Locate Keys, Pets & Just About Anything Using Phones

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Mini GPS Trackers to Locate Keys, Pets & Just About Anything Using Phones

A flood of tiny GPS trackers have hit the market recently, allowing you to track various objects using a small micro like tag, which would fit on a key ring.


Described as an elegant design, the gadget is idea to track wallets and keys etc, which are easily lost. The tracker comes with a free phone app, which works in conjunction with it.

The tracker sounds great but in reality the reviews don't sit well with it. Some claim that the tracker works up to 100 yards, however the description gives the impression you can locate things at any distance. If this was the case, the device would be an excellent buy but the problem is, the tracker has a very limited range.


The device would work best if you lost your keys in a house, however if it's any further it's not going to be a great help.


The phone app informs you of how far you are away from the GPS tracker, it gives indicators of how near you are at you can activate an alarm, which could help you find your lost items.

Adverts describe the device, good for locating and tracking animals, however it's very unlikely that you would be able to locate a cat. Once again, if it placed the location on the map of the phone, this would be a great use of the product, but once again, it will fail to impress.


Perhaps the best use would be a novelty. Some reviews have described the item as 'GaRBAGE'. I guess its a case of, 'you get what you pay for'. In the future we will no doubt see products, cheap like this with feature rich.