London Garden Bridge Users to Have Their Mobile Phone's Tracked
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London Garden Bridge Users to Have Their Mobile Phone's Tracked

A new bridge that is currently in the early stages of development is said to use technology which will trace and track members of public by their mobile phone's. The bridge has already caused controversy with people, some see it as a waste of money. Now it seems users have to abide by certain rules, cannot ride bikes across it and now the use of special technology to track users of the bridge using WiFi and their mobile phones.

The bridge isn't yet in place and its said to be opened some time in 2018. The new information that has hit the headlines that mobile phone usage will be tracked adds to another set of already set in place criticisms, by the public.

The 367 meter structure is said to track mobile phones to determine location, however this information isn't stored and its said its only gathered to determine how many people are using the bridge, so that over-crowding doesn't happen. No doubt the usage of phone's will add to other statistics though- Adding to the continues concern of privacy with mobile phone's.

I suppose the only way you could prevent your mobile phone leaking data would be to turn it off, if you were to visit this feature. As well as mobile phone monitoring its said to have a high quality CCTV system fitted. Its likely that the structure will be very strict and you will be watched like big brother. One step out of line and its likely the authorities will be marching you off.

Its not the first time that concerns over public mobile phone tracking use has escalated. Some shops are using systems to track behavior of shopping visitors etc. Most of the time this data is explained as anonymous monitoring and nothing is stored, however sometimes data can get in the wrong hands. ho knows how its being used.

Perhaps its time to take your Sim card out of your brand new smart phone equipped with tonnes of features and place it in an old ten year old Nokia. That way your phone would not be making use of all the latest technologies that can often be exploited.