Issues Surrounding Phone Tracking
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Issues Surrounding Phone Tracking



Here is a short run down of a few of the issues that surround phone tracking. The list contains things you should think about when considering phone tracking for yourself and as a concept.


There are numerous opinions about phone tracking, with some people saying that if people are not doing anything wrong then they should not worry about big brother, surveillance or phone tracking. There are two major flaws on that note, the first being that information may be used as a tool of oppression and control. The second is that what is considered “right” is only based on a government. It used to be illegal to be homosexual, and phone tracking in those days would have resulted in many people going to jail for something they cannot control.

The law

In some countries and some states it is legal to track your own phone. In most countries and states it is illegal to track the phone of another person without their consent. This is obviously a difficult issue as many people are not aware that their phone is being tracked in any way.

Ethical issues

Is it right to track the phone of another? Is it really okay for one partner to track another partner? Should a child have his or her phone tracked? Does such technology limit the amount of real parenting that is going on? Should not one partner trust another if the relationship is to be a healthy one? There are many ethical questions that need to be asked of phone tracking.

For your own security

It is commonly believed that tracking your own phone in order to find it when it is misplaced is okay. There are now plenty of phone apps that will locate a mobile phone if it is lost. There are also ones that will locate it if it is reported stolen. Many believe that this sort of thing is okay because the user has agreed to it.

Using it for commercial gain

There are lots of form of control that big brother and all forms of surveillance may permit. The idea of tracking a person’s movement from shop to shop is quite powerful in commercial terms. The same thing goes on online when websites scan your cookies to see what other websites you have visited. There are many commercial groups that thrive on points cards in stores in order to monitor your spending habits. The information provided by phone tracking is very valuable. 

Tracking the location of people on parole

This idea has not worked in all of the countries that have tried it. People on parole will often purchase another phone and use that instead. Most are aware that they are able to leave their phones at home and it looks as if they are at home. There is also the plausible defence that even if the phone goes in to an area that the parolee is restricted from, he or she may still claim that he or she was nowhere near the phone at the time.



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