Is Using Cell Phone Spy Apps to Track People Wrong? Or Are They A Handy Tool?
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Is Using Cell Phone Spy Apps to Track People Wrong? Or Are They A Handy Tool?

Mobile cell phone spy apps have come under fire recently. From people planting them on suspicious partners phones, to other uses which are considered an invasion of privacy. Should they be condemned or is it just another over-reaction?

Mobile phone spy apps are capable of retrieving messages, location, phone use, internet browsing, photos and more. They run silently in the targeted phone without detection.

 The person who planted the app then logs in to any web browser in the world, there they can access all of the use of that specific phone. 

The makers of such apps advertise them for use by parents to keep track of their children and or to monitor employees phones. Both of which uses are totally legal and in fact some cases been encouraged by authorities.

 Not long ago police were encouraging the use of apps for parents to monitor their kids.

The thing is though, it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that these small downloadable apps can be used to track your boyfriend or girlfriend. In some areas this is considered against the law, but then again so would installing a camera or small listening device in a room. 

So, should all manufacturers of small cameras or bug devices be banned from making them? Very unlikely. 

The same could be said for many other products. Its also complicated because some countries laws don't abide by the same rules and its totally not illegal to purchase such phone app anywhere. It only becomes illegal in some countries if the software is used in a certain manor. 

One of the most popular phone tracking spy phone app is Mspy. Already been featured in many top newspaper publications their app provides all of the usual features and more.

Mspy has two different plans, basic subscription and premium, premium unlocks more features. The subscription can also be bought for either 1 month or 3 depending on the length of use required. 



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