Is it Not Possible to Protect Yourself Against Phone Tracking
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Is it Not Possible to Protect Yourself Against Phone Tracking



The only real way to protect yourself is to turn off your phone. If you do not then the phone will automatically send out a signal. This signal is to locate the nearest mobile transmitting tower. By timing the amount of time it takes for a signal to reach three transmission towers, the phone companies are able to track the whereabouts of your phone. This information is not private, as you may purchase apps that use this method in order to find your own phone. There are other tracking technologies at play too, such as the fact that most modern Smartphones have GPS. Once your phone connects with the GPS receivers then your location is known to the phone company. Again, this may also be utilized by yourself and is often used by people in order to navigate.

How does one stop tracking?

Stopping your GPS from tracking your location is as easy as turning off your GPS. However, if you have an app that uses GPS then that may track your location if it is active. There are some insidious apps that act with one function but secretly track your location via GPS. It is also possible for British and Chinese technology to activate your GPS too. It is one of the reasons why the Americans have an information sharing deal with Britain. In order to be sure that your phone is not tracked by GPS, then the only way you can be 100% sure is to not buy a phone with GPS tracking installed. That however does not mean you cannot be tracked by your signal.

How does one stop tracking via a mobile phone signal?

Besides turning off your phone there is no way of doing it. The only consolation is that they may only track the location within a few meters. If you do not want big brother breathing down your neck, then if you want to go somewhere secret you will have to leave your mobile phone at home. In order to get a phone signal, the phone will send out a tracking signal to find the closest mobile transmission tower. If you were to root your mobile device and turn off this function, then your phone would be unable to make phone calls. The only way it could get an untraceable signal would be to patch into a single mobile transmission tower, or to send an irregular signal that randomly alternated. This sort of expertise and technology is only really available to organizations such as the CIA and MI6.

If you are truly worried about tracking and monitoring then do not use your phone for anything you wouldn’t want monitoring. If you do not want your location tracked then do not go anywhere with your phone; otherwise there is a chance that your location is being tracked against your will. If you trust in services that claim to mask your location then you are going to be disappointed, and most services themselves are monitored to see which malcontents are using them.



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