Husband Catches His Wife Cheating Using Spy Smartphone Service
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Husband Catches His Wife Cheating Using Spy Smartphone Service

Written by Richard Knowles - Brighton UK

I had my suspicions about my wife. She started dressing differently, taking more effort getting ready and started going out a lot more. Before this she didn't seem bothered.

I was 12 years older and neither of us had been a party animal. Her sister started running a pub and I noticed that my wife wanted to spend more time with her at the pub. This was only later to be revealed that she was in fact meeting a guy there.

After weeks of suspicion, I finally took the steps to plant a 'spy' app on her phone. I searched the web and found that mSpy was the best type of app. Once installed, it had the capability to relay nearly all info about the phone and its activity (including location)

Once installed, it became apparent what was going on. Her lies became obvious and I could even see her messages (that was the real killer)

One night I logged on from my PC and found that she had left the pub and was two miles down the road, in the next town. I quickly got ready, went out and followed the exact location. I was so mad I burst in at this strangers house and found them both in bed! Luckily I did no harm the guy or my wife (now ex) but I smashed a small table lamp, when I flung it across the room.

Although I did not want to know the truth, mSpy was my saviour in the end and I am now seeing a new women!



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