How to Track Phones Like Secret Agents
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How to Track Phones Like Secret Agents

Forbes covered a story last year going through a scenario that demonstrated how the public could use NSA-Like phone tracking systems to gather location, messages, photos and all phone use of a partner. This could be done to any girlfriend or boyfriend.

In the story, they used an example that a jealous boyfriend could track an unsuspecting girlfriend by giving her a new mobile phone as a gift, in that gift the phone would have planted some silently running 'phone spy' software.

The girlfriend would then use the phone, not knowing that everything she talks about or uses the phone is being transmitted back to to a server where it can be accessed secretly by her boyfriend. 

These phone monitoring apps have caused concern and there has been several reports by the media stating that domestic violence has come about because of them. Although the above scenario could be real, this type of phone monitoring and tracking system could easily be installed on a victims phone if the phone was simply laying around. Or somebody could ask to borrow a cell phone and install too.

Although we are hearing the negatives of such an app. There are a lot of good uses. The advertisers explain that there monitoring apps are for use only by parents on their children, employees to trace their workers, or even the elderly. Apps like mSpy state that any other use could be illegal, if the person doesn't know they are being monitored.

Some of the makers of spy phone monitoring apps have actually come forward with statements. Some explain that its up to the individual not to use the system in a way that is not allowed. 

A common explanation would be that you can buy a knife from a shop but it could be used in an illegal manor. Its unlikely that knifes would be banned so it should be a similar rule for something far less minor like a phone monitoring device. Its basically up to the individual, how they use it.  

There are several different kinds of phone monitoring apps available, one of the most popular is mSpy. They provide various packages and prices. Their app can trace location of phone, messages, photos, app use and many other things. Mspy works on all popular phones, including iPhone and Android. They now also have a none Jail-broken option.



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