How to Track Celebrities Using Celeb Phone Tracking Apps
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How to Track Celebrities Using Celeb Phone Tracking Apps



With the increased use of smart phones comes many new applications. Modern technology lets us communicate in real time and keep track of news much better. A new craze has emerged and users are downloading 'celeb tracker app's for iPhones, Android and other smart phones. 


These app's install into users phones and give the ability to track celebs in several different ways. There are a few different types of applications available, most are free. They work in different ways but the main point of them is the same; to find where celebs are hanging out. 


Celebrity GeoSpotter is an app available for most popular Smartphones. It lets users 'pin' the location of a celebrity on a map on their phone. This is then shared with other users of the application, this then gives others a chance to track and spot a celebrity.


Similar applications also work by monitoring social network sites which often give precise locations of the whereabouts of people if they Tweet or 'check in'.  So celebs could potentially reveal their locations themselves. 


With social network type app's like this, there also comes many other issues. Not everybody is happy about these kinds of tracking programs. Some say that it could encourage stalkers and make it even harder for celebs to keep their lives private. 


There is also the issue that these app's will only be effective in celeb hotspots and places that are regular hangouts for the rich and famous. Its unlikely that people will be using them in the highlands of Scotland.


Most of these kinds of tracker app's also stream the latest news and pictures of celebs giving more 'real time' features to entertain people.


I doubt that these kind of applications will really take of in a big way, its doubtful that they pose a serious threat to celebs for privacy and security reasons.



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