Will phone tracking and Spyware make or break a relationship?
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How mobile phone tracking works and what to use it for 


Mobile phones can be located quickly and easily anywhere. Cell phone tracking can be very useful in an emergency to save lives or to make a lost cell phone trace. However, the service is also abused and used without the knowledge of many users. 

Mobile phone tracking does not need GPS

Cell phones and smartphones can say a lot about their owners. As opposed to a computer that may have an IP address, a mobile phone is based upon a number that is assigned specifically to a user. With a person’s mobile phone number, the reading of their current whereabouts is possible. Mobile phone tracking does not even require the use of GPS for a phone to be tracked; it simply has to be on at the time. A person’s movements may also be tracked historically. This means that even if your phone is off right now, it is possible to see where you were whilst it was on.

How does it work?

Positioning and tracking mobile phones involves the use of the network in conjunction with the network operator. The mobile phone communicates automatically with the nearest mast. This means that the mobile phone being tracked must be within a certain radius of a phone mast when it is activated. Though this method gives trackers a good idea of where a cell phone is, the actual position may be triangulated as well.

There is a network of phone masts set up across America. A cell phone will send out a signal to these masts on a regular basis. The masts will answer by telling the phone which mast is the closest. If a phone call comes through then the nearest mast will be utilized. The mesh of phone masts in America means that if a cell phone sends out a signal then three or more masts will reply, which means a position can be triangulated. 


At this point the triangulation process is easy. The phone masts send back a distance signal, and the phone tracking software simply takes that information and locates where the phone was when it sent the signal. When the phone is off then it cannot send a signal, however when it is on it can usually be triangulated within a few yards, and can be viewed historically. Tracking where the phone has been will show if the mobile phone users is where he/she should be at specific times. It can also be useful if a phone is stolen or lost, since it can be tracked if it remains on.

What are its uses?

Mobile phone tracking can be used to keep tabs on potentially cheating spouses. It can be used to locate lost and stolen phones. It can be used to check to see if your children are where they are supposed to be. It can also be used to track people whom may be lost, just so long as the area is not so isolated that the phone cannot get a signal. It can also be used to check up on employees who have company phones. An employer can see if the employee is in the right place at the right time.

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