How Cell Phone Tracking is Good for Your Business
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How Cell Phone Tracking is Good for Your Business



Your own vigilance is what protects your own business. However, you live in a world where you have tools to help you expand your vigilance. It used to be that you had to catch people in the act, or you had to have moles (rats) who would keep an eye on things when you were not around. These days you can monitor every desktop computer in your building, read peoples emails, spy on their activities online, spy on them with hidden cameras in the office, and you can even track signals coming into your building to check to see if anybody has an extra mobile device that they have not declared.

So, where does phone tracking come in to this?

Phone tracking allows you to monitor staff members outside of your building as well as inside your business. The most commonly used tracking device is one that tells you where your staff members are right now. Obviously, a savvy employee can leave the phone somewhere and go another place, but the threat of an impromptu and random phone call may expose any naughty behavior.

What could your staff member be up to outside the office?

People sometimes leave work for extended periods. You may permit staff members occasionally taking a longer break, but such behavior should be monitored. You may be able to spot a pattern that suggests your employee is stealing, or meeting with your competitors.

There is also the fact that your employee may lose the phone that has sensitive information on it. If the employee has done this then you may be able to retrieve the phone and find out if that employee has really lost the phone or if it is a ruse. Maybe the employee sold the phone or the information on it with the expectation that a new phone would be given.

Spying on your staff members phones

It is possible to spy on your staff members’ phone activity. They may be communicating secrets, updates or ideas to your competitors. They may be wasting time on their Smartphone when they should be working and they may be posting things that are negative about your company online. In the same way that you can monitor their activities online when on a desktop computer, you may also see what they are doing on their Smartphones.

There are bullies everywhere, and one of your employees may be bullying and harassing another member of staff via their Smartphone. It would be up to you to put a stop to it so that it does not break up your working team any more than it already has.

Are there any legal problems?

You can write into every contract that you are allowed to monitor the staff without limit both inside work and outside work and it is all okay. Most of your staff are not going to read their contract, nor are they going to one line in it saying anything about surveillance. Plus, the word monitor does not make people think of phone tracking.



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