How Apps Locate Mobile Phones
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How Apps Locate Mobile Phones


This is fairly simple. It may tap into the GPS system of the phone, but this will only be effective if the GPS is switched on. The most common method of locating a mobile phone is by using the radio towers that are nearest to it.


The phone sends out a signal from where it is in order to find radio towers to get a phone signal. The signal will hit the closest tower first, and onwards. Using which tower it hits first, the location app is able to triangulate where the phone is located. For this to work, the phone signal needs to hit at least three radio towers. But, since there are radio towers all over the country, it is unlikely that the phone signal will only hit one or two. 


By recording the time it takes for the signal to hit the first, second and third tower, the app is able to triangulate the location of the phone. This works because the phone signal always moves at the same speed (a constant) and the phone towers are always in a stationary position (also a constant). Also, by knowing where the radio towers are on a map, the app is able to synchronize the location of the phone on a map so that the app may provide a mobile phone location on a map.


Does phone location tracking need software installing?


Not necessarily--it is possible to track a phone’s location without installing any sort of software, but the app that does this will need a database full of pertinent information in order to find the correct phone and signal. Thankfully, this is not information you need to give out. All you will need to tell the app is the phone number of the phone you wish to track, and possibly the network that the user is on.


Opt in phone tracking


It is legal to locate a person who has given his/her consent to having his/her phone tracked. Usually, the person who wants phone tracking is the same person trying to track their own phone. They do this in case the phone is lost or stolen. If you wish the track the phone of another person, then in most cases you are going to need their consent. This is definitely the case if you want to ensure that the phone tracking is legal.


Tracing travel routes


Sometimes it is less about where a person is, rather than where they have been. We all know that people do not take very long when they are partaking of activities that may be deemed wrong. People do not sit for hours on the park bench with their drug dealer, or spend all day with their secret lover. The ability to trace travel routes and location logs is probably more useful than knowing where the other person is.




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