Hackers Exploit Apple's Siri To Spy On Mobile Cell Phone Users
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Hackers Exploit Apple's Siri To Spy On Mobile Cell Phone Users Conversations & More

It has been discovered that a new spy phone threat could be at risk to any Android or iPhone using Siri. Although the threat doesn't directly attack the mobile phone itself, hackers could cleverly tap into the phones Siri, if the phone user was using headphones and a microphone.

This has all been discovered by 'ANSSI', who are a group of researchers for the French government.

The clever phone hack was performed using a radio transmitter to tap into the phone's Siri through the headphone leads and cable. With the headphone cable acting as a wire, hackers could exploit this cable because it acted like an antenna.

The phone basically then gets tricked because it thinks that the hackers radio signals are coming from the users microphone. The phone then could be used to dial calls, send text messages and more. All from the commands of the hackers radio transmitter. The hacker would simply be able to speak voice commands to the phone to perform certain operations.

Other risks could include turning the phone into a mobile bugging device by enabling its own microphone. Social media accounts could be spammed or taken over by voice commands too.

Although the phone threat is very real, it only has a range of around 16 feet. Meaning that the hacker must be close by. However if it was a busy place, it could be a possibility and the user of the phone may never know.

Apparently, there is a solution to prevent this from happening in your iphone. Users need to navigate to: Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode scroll down to uncheck Siri under Allow Access When Locked. 

Although the chances of your phone getting hacked in this manor is pretty slim, its still a possibility whilst this setting is turned on. So anyone paranoid about their privacy is probably best turning this setting off.

Unlike many of the other spy phone hacks, this would by a direct threat to reveal the users location to track the phone. This is because the hacker would have to be in close proximity anyway.