Google Play Tracking Your Phone Location - Is It Really A Big Deal
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Google Play Tracking Your Phone Location - Is It Really A Big Deal?

This week, news has hit the headlines that Google Play is tracking your location. A lot of this attention came about by a Tweet by someone who was shocked that when he walked in a McDonalds, his phone asked him if he wanted to install the McDonald app. To that specific guy, this was a problem but do the majority of people really care?

The source of the problem seemed to be due to Google Maps, when running it collects location information of your phone. The problem is, when maps is removed certain apps won’t work and the phone still continues tracking location. Removing Google Play and maps is the only sure fine way but who can be bothered with the inconvenience of that?

For the privacy freaks, does it really matter if we get tracked or not? In the long run its probably more beneficial for us, if we are reminded what app to install. Your phone knowing your location will probably benefit you far more than it not. Also, why does it really matter? With millions of users at one time, it’s unlikely that Google itself will be interested in your exact location.

Many websites including Twitter and Facebook have started to use location services to varying degrees, the information gathered is likely only to be used to benefit you. Only the paranoid amongst us seem to get paranoid about the whole privacy thing.

With the progression of phone apps and technology, knowing your precise location is becoming something which is the norm. Many apps rely on tracking your location to function properly.

If you are really concerned though, it’s probably worth ditching your smart phone and buying a cheap & simple phone from your local Asda for £10. This way you can guarantee there will be no location tracking services enabled on it.