Google Launch New Find My Phone Tracking Service
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Google Launch New 'Find My Phone'  Tracking  Service

Locating your phone can now be as easy as typing 'Find My Phone' in Google search.

This new service will locate your phone, show a map of its last location and also ring the phone to sound out an alarm. The ringer will sound for over 5 minutes, it can only be deactivated by turning off the phone using the power button.

This is a great feature for Android devices. Usually its pretty standard for you to register devices to your Google account when you've get a new phone, its one of the first things you get asked to do.

This new phone tracking solution currently works off desktop only. If you have multiple Android devices you can track these too, in a similar way.

'Find My Phone' is pretty straight forward, it shows a map of the location, with a 'ring' button at the bottom.

To enable 'Find My Phone' you must have location services switched on. You must also have the app installed on your device, and the phone needs an Internet or 3G connection. Obviously you can only use it to track an Android phone too, not Apple phone's etc.

Apple already have a similar kind of phone tracking solution.

With smart phones becoming more valuable and expensive, its worth installing these kinds of apps in case you lose your phone.



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