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Future of Cell Phone Tracking

Mobile cell phone tracking has become an everyday occurrence. Whether you like it or not, everyone who uses a cell phone is being (or can be) traced. Many recent studies reveal alarming suggestions about how cell phone behavior is being used, not to only track people but spy on everyday life.

We all naturally want the latest technology in phones. Smartphones, including the iPhone includes countless amounts of application and uses, from playing music, watching films, taking footage, playing games and more. However when you purchase a smartphone you are arming yourself with probably one of the most sophisticated spying devices around.

Think of it this way, all smartphones are capable of transmitting and receiving signals. Be it calls, videos you name it. Now imagine arming that with a satellite GPS tracking device too. Yes, nearly all modern smartphones have the capabilities of doing this. Its not surprising then that people are being caught out on a daily basis from these devices.


Last year it was revealed that both Apple and Google Android devices store and transmit locations to the likes of big technology companies.

More alarmingly, according to a post in the WSJ. Scientists have found a way to intimately monitor human behavior down to the last detail, in a trial which has spanned over 2 years. In fact the report suggests that, through monitoring people by their cell phones they can determine future behavior and more. Apparently this type of tech is being used right now by cell phone companies to determine if they are going to switch to another cell carrier or not.


Not only did the scientist detect general behavior, they were even able to determine information about the health of one person having flu before the actual person knew themselves.

"Phones can know," said Dr. Pentland, director of MIT's Human Dynamics Laboratory, who helped pioneer the research. "People can get this god's-eye view of human behavior."

Unlike any other device phones tend to stay in the presence of just one person. They are usually a very personal device and the amount of information they can generate about yourself is amazing.

In the future its thought that as technology progresses so will the ability to track cell phones, trace people and spy on people even more. The saying 'big brother is watching you' has never been so true.

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