Free cell phone tracker to trace cell phone by GPS

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Free cell phone tracker to trace cell phone by GPS

In previous years the only way of retrieving any details about a specific phone number would be manually searching a bunch of old phone books and or Yellow pages. As you can imagine this can be very time consuming and not very productive.

With the introduction of cell phone mobile lookup websites it allows a much more streamline operation. In addition its far more accurate and gives other details, in some cases location.

The need for users to find location of a cell phone, or to trace cell phone by GPS, is one that is very sought after. The problem is though, there is a bunch of privacy issues that come with this idea.

Although its the ideal scenario, tracing a cell phone by GPS is not always easy. There are some websites which claim to do this, but to varying degrees of accuracy. Plus lets face it, not everyone likes the idea of having somebody trace their location at any given time. With a cell phone trace though, the user must have their device switched on anyway, so if the 'searched' phone has no battery you're going to be struggling anyway.

The best and most accurate way to track someones mobile cell phone would be to install some kind of 'spy app', the only problem with this is that you need access to the target phone. If you haven't got access prior, then its not going to work. 

A good phone spy app can be found at Its worth noting that there are legal issues with how you use the application. For example, snooping on a partner is often classed as unlawful.

There's no doubt that the technology to trace cell phones by GPS is out there. Authorities and law and enforcement use take advantage of this. Some can find approximate location as to how far they're tracking somebody to the nearest GSM phone mast. However, even authorities have to be careful with privacy .

A service like 'Anywho' is worth checking out, they claim that you can lookup any phone number free. This might provide some basic background information to start with. I guess this is classed more as a 'reverse phone lookup'.

A simple search in search engine for 'free mobile cell phone tracker' might provide some good results too. Some services may have a small coast but its worth weighing up the cost VS the results. 

As technology gets better and more accurate so does the need for phone tracking services. Expectations also rise in the results. The only problem we face are the privacy and security issues, not everyone likes to leave a digital footprint of all their movements, so this often protects the user from being traced.