Find My Phone Tracking App Growing in Popularity
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Find My Phone Tracking App Growing in Popularity

Keeping up with one's phone shouldn't be such a challenge. They are typically small enough for a pocket or purse, and there are many phone cases and holders on the market to help people keep track of their phones. Despite this, cell phone theft is a growing problem. In an article dated April 28 by Allie Rasmus, it indicated that over 3 million people were victims of cell phone theft across the country last year. Tracking software now enables victims and the police to locate stolen cell phones, and often their robbers or thieves and other stolen items.


Sometimes when someone's phone is lost or stolen, they get caught up in cat-and-mouse games. One Austin artists reported that he called the phone number of his stolen or lost phone and someone answered and offered to meet him somewhere to give him the phone. He said the person wanted a reward, and he agreed because he needed his phone back. As he detailed it, the person kept moving to a different location until he decided that it wasn't worth it to keep trying to chase him down. Despite his eventual resolve, this artist lost more than just a phone, he lost a radio/computer/address book, apps, codes and more.


According to the article, one victim of a home robbery used the software and was amazed that the tracking software pinpointed precisely where the robbers took the phone. Customers can download tracking software for any kind of smartphone or mobile device online, but some software is particularly friendly to iPhones and Android.


Even when a cell phone is turned off, it can be tracked with the software. It uses either GPS or cell towers to identify the phone's location.


StealthGenie is one company which offers this service. According to their website, once a person installs the software, it will start to upload the phone location right away. While it is also possible to use this tracking to track someone's location, such as that of a teenage child or a philandering lover, it can also be used to track a lost or stolen phone.


StealthGenie software is apparently designed to keep up with someone's phone as well as their phone activities. This is also the intended use for MySpy and many other software. This results in them being monitoring, moreso than tracking software.

According to Rasmus' article, police are urging people to be careful when out in public and to use phone tracking software.

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